Red house & Old lane

Our guest house is located in downtown Tainan City, across from Chikan Tower, on the lane between Hanlin-Tea Shop and SongChun Stewed. It’s a good and convenient place for sightseeing and stay.

2017 Red House and Old Lane grand opening. All the equipments we use are energy-saving and in excellent quality.

Our Japanese Tatami rooms show a strong sense of nostalgia, which takes us back to the good old time - simple, sweet and memorable childhood with our grandparents.

We provide kitchenette, water dispenser, variable-frequency air conditioner, Wi-Fi, baggage deposit service (all free), and laundry service (with charge). Also providing safe and reliable scooter renting service.
Guide to our guest house: Tainan Train Station - the front exit, turn left and go along Beimen Rd. When on the intersection, turn right on Minzu Rd, go straight about 1km and finally you will find Chikan tower on the right-hand side. Finding Song-Chun Stewed(松村滷味), there is a lane beside this store, going into to find Red house &Old Lane on your right.

Address : No.18, Ln. 317, Sec. 2, Minzu Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan City.
Address in Chinese : 台南市中西區民族路二段317巷18號

Our guest house is right across the street from one of the most popular tourist attractions in Tainan, Chihkan Tower (Fort Provintia). It’s a busy area with lots of food and drink options, but the lodge is located in a little side alley that’s very quiet. You get all the benefits of being in the middle of the popular part of town without any of the noise.

Our guest house keeps the highest standard to be immaculately clean. The rooms are in the traditional Japanese tatami style (Japan colonized Taiwan for many years, so there’s lots of Japanese influence in the country) but with modern bathrooms and a 42” flat screen TV in every room. There’s a total of 3 rooms, each sleeping between 3-6 people.


  • Chikan Towers - 80M
  • Tainan Railway Station - 800M
  • 5-min walk to Yongle Market

Red house & Old lane

Microwave oven, washing machine and water machine are available !
All lock with a secure code, and there’s a hostess (Nora) downstairs, so you can feel safe leaving your valuables as you venture around town.
Well-known brand toiletries are suitable for every sensitive skin!

For 2 people

For 4 people

For 6 people


Red house & Old lane

Red House & Old lane is The Best option available in Tainan. People working here are warm and friendly. Location close to pretty much everything.
We also provide travel guides and information in English about this city.
Cultural Area
Chihkan Cultural Park

History :

Chikan Tower is the center of development of the old Tainan City. There are many histori-cal sites within the area. It is one of the few cultural areas with Dutch era and Jheng era buildings, with three being honored as First Class National Historic Sites. Besides the Chikan Tower, which was recommended by Washington Post in the travel section, the Ming Dynasty Ningjing King Residence (Today’s Datianhou Temple), and the Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple, rebuilt from Ningjing King’s Guandi Temple, are must-see attractions.

Suggested Walking Itinerary :

  • Chikan Cultural Park
  • 3 minutes
  • Temple of the Martial God
  • 3 minutes
  • Datianhou Temple
  • 3 minutes
  • Kaijiwu Temple
  • 8 minutes
  • Dajingtou
  • 3 minutes
  • Chen De-jyu Hall
  • 5 minutes
  • Taiwan’s First Temple Tiantan
  • 3 minutes
  • Beiji Temple
  • 10 minutes
  • The Wu Ancestral Hall
  • 10 minutes->Kaiji Lingyou Temple.
--Source: Travel Information from the Tainan Tourism Website.--
The Five Harbors Cultural Park

History :

The Five Harbors Cultural Park is located at the south of Chenggong Road and at the west of Sinmei Street, extending to the south of Jhongjheng Road. It was a channel formed by the Tai River. Different from the Chihkan Cultural Park’s heritage from the Dutch era, the Five Harbors prospered during the reign of emperors like Tongjheng, Cianlong, Jiacing during the Qing Dynasty. In the age of marine dominance, the port area was where business opportunities were. The Beishih Street (Shennong Street) was famous because it was located north of Nanshih Port and south of Fotou Port and can be reached directly from the Shueisian Temple.

Feature :

The construction of an underground area beneath the Haian Road was unfortunate. Many residential houses were damaged, as well as the business opportunities along the street. However, this event came with an unexpected blessing. When Haian Road was reopened to public, those crumbling old houses became the best canvas for groups of creative artists. Graffiti and artwork gradually appeared along the street and many unique stores, eateries and pubs were established along the hundreds of meters of Haian Road, making it a night time must-see attraction. Be it day or night, if you are tired, be sure to visit Haian Road for a relaxing time.
Confucius Temple Cultural Park

History :

The Confucius Temple Cultural Park has, at its center, the historical Confucius Temple, which is surrounded by interconnected old streets.
As the first cultural park in Tainan, this area is located on Nanmen Road, and extends to the south and to the north: From the Confucius Temple (also known as the first ever school in Taiwan), to Fujhong Street (where the Pan Temple is located), Dehua Hall on Fucian Road, South Gate Park, ruins of South Gate to Wufei Temple, Koxinga Temple, and many more. The historic sites here exhibit unique facades and characteristics, each one offering different charms.

Feature :

Green trees, red roof tiles, and red walls form the basic impression of the Confucius Cultural Park, where the elderly play chess, couples stroll, and children play. The laid-back atmosphere makes many fall in love with it at first sight.
Across from the temple, one can find a cafe to rest in along the old street (Fujhong street), or enjoy some traditional delicious local snacks at Fuji dumplings, Lili fruit store, or Shuntian ice pop shop.
Besides the famous Confucius Temple, one can pay a visit to the Koxinga Temple which worships Jheng Cheng-gong. Though it was rebuilt with a northen-China Palace construc-tion style, due to Koxinga’s fame, it remains a favorite tourist attraction among the Japa-nese tourists.
Hayashi Department Store

The Department Store That Inaugurated An Age of Fashion in the 1930s

On December 5th, 1932, Hayashi Department Store opened and thus a modern age of Taiwanese culture began.
The decade of 1930s was the start point of modern civilization in Taiwan. As the electric lamps, telephone, and water supply lines popularized, symbols of civilization such like the airplane and motor vehicles flooded into Taiwan. The cafés were becoming the fad of the day, as well as pop culture, movies, phonographs and jazz music.
People´s mentality was opening up, and freewill dating was taking over arranged marriages, while dresses was replacing kimonos and Westernized education was popularizing. This was Taiwan in the 1930s.
In 1932, Columbia Records Company released the eponymous theme song for a movie in Taiwanese "Peach Blossom Weeps Tears of Blood".
In 1933, Teng Yu-hsien's popular song "Viva Tonal: The Dancing Age" helped to launch the first pop music singer Sun-sun (born Lau Tsing-hiong or Lau Chheng-hoing,1914-43) in Taiwan. In the same year Teng wrote and published three classic Taiwanese songs "Bang Chhun-Hong(Looking for the Spring Breeze)", "U ia hue(Flower in the Rainy Night)"and "Guat-ia Tshiu(Sadness in a Moony Night)".
As the Pacific War broke out, the final waltz in the Dancing Age of Taiwanwas played. And so the Hayashi Department Store ended its brief yet splendid rendezvous with Tainan.
Traditional Markets with lots of delicious local dishes
Yongle Market
Guohua Street
The Best Night Market in Taiwan
Da Tong Night Market
Flower Night Market

Red house & Old lane

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